Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cicada killers

If I were to do a direct translation of what they say I am sick with, it would be something like "body flesh cold" or "suffering from fatigue cold." I went back to school today and felt like I had an on&off fever, but being in school at least distracted me a little from being sick. I really think that studying so many vocab words about being ill and going to the hospital set me on the wrong path. So did overworking myself, which I've already (conveniently) forgotten the vocab word for.

I'm binding up another sample book but my aunt told me that it looked too primitive. I guess I'm a Neanderthal binder. It's too late to make changes now. I'm prepping for a very long, difficult Friday - more details once it's all over. Tomorrow I make another studio visit. Today I got FUN mail: a card from Andrea that said "watch out for the cicada killer" and a postcard from her TA, Lauren, who said that I showed up in a paper-related dream of hers. Note that we have never met in person.

I'm hoping that I'll get lots of work done in the next hour and that I don't wake up in the middle of the night on the verge of vomiting like last night. But the GREAT news...I finally got something that I've been waiting for for YEARS: [the domain is finally out of the hands of the snack food search engine people!!]

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  1. ellie8:32 PM

    oh yeah what kind of shoes did you get the one time a long time ago from someone the were green?? or are they the b and w ones in this photo. I want to get some to match you... what are they called? :)


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