Saturday, August 23, 2008

Precious weekends

I lied. I'm too wiped out to talk more about how the exhibit went and review all the info I got from the artist about his work and life as a German artist in London, or to review dinner/drinks with Richard and his friends in one of the fanciest upscale neighborhoods in Seoul.
But I would like to say that catering at art openings (I've been to three since I've arrived) is simply exquisite.

Last night, after a long day out and about w/the daughter of a family friend (who was soooo sweet and lovely. We had a fun time over shabu shabu, coffee & sweet potato cake, and getting another book on hanji from one of the biggest bookstores here), I came home to pure love. Pauly sent homemade cookies!!! It was hilarious, b/c when I first opened the package, it looked like two huge tempeh sandwiches. For a moment, I thought, "she's lost her mind! She sent sandwiches from Angelica!"

I caught up on a little sleep last night (with a brief interlude: mosquito attack), finally did an hour of yoga today, had noodles for lunch and then passed out for a 2.5-hour nap. I still feel a little woozy from that. Everything is backlogged, work-wise, but I'm hoping that it will all work itself out. Oh, and I was silly enough to tweak out my sciatic again on Friday b/c my classmates begged me to show them some b boying. I ended up basically doing YOGA but most people can't tell the difference. But I did it w/o warming up. No more putting my foot behind my head on demand. I must have been a circus animal in another life.

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Paulettasaurus said...

So glad they arrived okay! Hilarious you thought they are sandwiches--the bread is supposed to keep them moist (Kris's trick).

Those art snacks are making me salivate. Too bad I'm back on the pescatarian wagon.