Saturday, August 02, 2008

Love letter: a project by Francis O'Shaughnessy

Elizabeth sent me this call, more for therapy than anything else! I finished my letter last night as my niece kept saying, "why is your letter so long?" Hahaa.

Love letter
A project by Francis O'Shaughnessy

Having received some love letters, I decided to change a little bit my project because the letters I received were more fictions of love at my intention that of true love stories. The goal of this project is to collect feelings and authentic emotions registers on paper which you have one day received from a person or writing for somebody. Then I propose two shutters with my love letter project.

1-The project consists to send a love letter to me, written by the hand, addressed not to me but to a person whom you like and who was one day of passage in your life. This letter can be a lost letter or ever sent, a missed appointment, a letter which you already received at school, a letter whom you found, a St-Valentine mail, etc. Probably that these letters are too meaning for you to be given to me. Then, the other solution, you can also scanner them or photocopy them and sent to This shutter will remind you undoubtedly good memories. If you are ready to divide these letters with me for the name of art, I thank you in advance.

2- The project consists to write a love letter to Francis, written by the hand,. The letter can all contain: phantasms, drawings, a small note, a scented word, a memory, desires floating, a letter newspaper, a momentary love, an impassioned love, an intimacy, one intense moment, a remote love… In short, we must feel in the letter the love which you would have for a lover, a buddy, in love and addressed to Francis… You are completely free to do and write all that passes to you by the head. Write the letter which you always dreamed to write or receive.

The letters all will be good, can imports the source, the contents and the language. There will be no sorting. The letters can remain anonymous, be signed or with half or signed of another name. ¡Boys and girls are encouraged to take part in the project!

Several among you will receive this idea of project in your box email. And necessarily, several among you surely do not know me. If the project interests you, then take a bit of paper and write a love letter to Francis or send to me your love letters memories. That will take only a few minutes of your time and that will make you good. If you do not want to pay a stamp, you can the scanner and then send it to me by email:

You can send your letters to the address below:

566-2 Hotel God, Chicoutimi, Quebec, G7H 1V9, CANADA

¡¡¡Thank you in advance for your love letters!!!


PD- The love letter project has now 2 directions. You can choose the direction that you are the most confortable and then write me love letters. untill now, since one week, i received love letters each 2 days. there is some letter that i don't event know who is the sender and who is from! thank you to participe to my art project. There is no dead line to send me your love letters!

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elizabeth ross said...

mine is long too, and l used one of the books "we" made at Guapa...