Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A quick update in the haze

Tonight: return to Seoul (I went home after lunch w/Audrey and Kristen) to stay w/my cousin's family so that

Tomorrow: I can meet Bo Kyung Kim at 4am so that we can get to the countryside in time to start filming at 9am. Filming what? Their papermaker!!! It all came together really quickly, so I'm still not packed, but I am excited to have this opportunity. We'll get back late at night, I imagine, and then

Thursday: I'll sleep through class, and then go w/Gigg to visit Na Rae Kim's studio south of the river in Seoul. Then, I'll cross the river again to meet the new executive assistant at Fulbright to check out the apt that was infested and have dinner with her.

Meanwhile, I have a list of at least three people to call (gallery director, nun, family friend), and it all just makes me want to cry. Mostly just b/c I need more sleep. But I'm taking my camera and lots of batteries so I will hopefully return with lots of interesting footage.

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