Saturday, August 02, 2008

I feel like a fried egg

that has sat in the pan for too long. Yesterday was the Han Style Expo 2008 and I went with Gigg. It was at this HUGE mall/convention center south of the river in Seoul, called COEX, and I know the pics aren't exciting, but they're here. It was basically lots of booths on different aspects of Korean culture, like cuisine, dress/costume, architecture, textiles, music and dance, and paper. Bo Kyung Kim of FIDES told me about it so I figured it would take care of a lot of things at once. It wasn't super exciting and I thought I was going to pass out most of the day b/c of my cycle and the heat. But it was nice to get some "Vietnamese cuisine" w/Gigg at the food court (it was actually Thai, but labeled as Vietnamese), and browse the huge bookstore. She got an American magazine for something like $11, all wrapped in plastic so that you can't see what's beyond the Mariah Carey cover.

I was able to take half of the return trip on the subway, and then caught a ride w/my cousin and his wife all the way home (the meeting place was across the street from Dunkin Donuts) for a big family dinner at home. It's really something to go from trying to get info on hanji in Korean for a research grant, to entertaining small children. This morning involved a session of "Heart and Soul," sightreading some other piano music, making a book of fake hanji for my niece, talking about the tiny lampshades I made for her toy lamp last night, and making fun of my hair falling out. It's kind of incredible how little it takes to amuse a child. I taught her how to wax thread, even though I couldn't explain to her what beeswax was.

I'm having a hint of missing NYC summertime. Actually, I think I'm just delirious and need to get away from the computer b/c it's emitting so much heat.

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