Saturday, August 23, 2008

Please help a fellow artist!

I just got an email from kate hers, who is an artist that I met thru Pauly. She helped me a lot in the process of applying for the Fulbright and beyond. She was in Berlin for the past several months (maybe longer?) on leave from her MFA program in California, and just returned to find that all her material possessions left in the US were trashed. I'm sending her a check as soon as I get her address, and posting her message here:

Dear friends, colleagues, collectors, and supporters,

I beseech you for help. It is with a heavy heart that I share with you my catastrophic situation. Upon going to pick up my personal belongings and art portfolio in a public storage space while I was away in Europe, I received most unfortunate news. In a freak mistake, everything was thrown away. I have lost the most important documentation of my artistic process since the last 12 years. Photographs, negatives, CDs, videotapes, art supplies, sketchbooks, clothes, office and kitchen supplies, bedding, towels, items of sentimental value, my entire library of books and DVDs and music CDs, etc. are gone. Basically everything I owned except for a few things I fortunately left at friends’ houses has been destroyed.

In order to find a positive way to transform my situation, I have come up with a new plan. From now until I raise several thousand dollars to help me replace all that I have lost (especially art supplies to make new work), I am offering a voucher system on my artwork. These vouchers come in $50 increments and they can be cashed at the end of 2009 (perhaps for the holiday season) to go towards the purchase of unique and original edition work, which includes: drawings, handmade collages, digital collages, and video. The work price ranges from $10 to $1000. Works will be offered to potential buyers in the order that the vouchers were purchased, but I promise to have a substantial selection. Note that mailing costs will not be included in the works price but can be calculated later depending on where I should ship the work. To get an idea of what my works look like now, please see my portfolio on my website at

In addition, I have unsigned Missing Persons Posters available now for $10. There is also a limited signed edition, which goes for $25. Please see the website for the image or email me for information,

I understand that some of you do not have the financial means of assisting me. Prayers, positive energy, and hugs are quite welcome. I also am in dire need of kitchen equipment like mugs, glasses, dishes, pots and pans, and cooking utensils. If you have a white elephant in the haus, I can help you find a new home for it.

To buy a voucher, please email or call me to get more information. I can also accept EURO by bank transfer in Berlin. Please forward this request if you know someone that might be interested.

Sincerely yours,
kate hers

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