Thursday, August 21, 2008

Only 24 hours, only 24 hours

Should be in bed but had to post and do some inbox clearing so I don't cry this weekend b/c of the backlog. Today: went to galleryem to the opening of an exhibit by two artists. Only one was able to make the opening.

That's him: Jorg Obergfell. Will talk more about the work later. It was fun: lovely gallery space, fun art, beautiful reception, and I got to meet my cousin's wife's friends (including the gallery owner, Emma. Get it? galleryEM...anyhow, she did her MFA at Parsons, I think. She couldn't get over how much I looked like my cousin).

That's Emma on the left, and then me grilling the artist. Richard, the first language grant + Fulbright grantee to arrive after me, came by and then we went out w/two of his friends to have dinner in the area. More on all of it later. For now, bed!

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