Thursday, July 03, 2008

Trying times for my overheating brain

I kind of wish that just doing language study for 10 weeks was enough for me and I could be okay w/doing nothing else. But I just don't operate that way. I think I would be really sad if that was all I had to live for, though at this point, I can barely keep up with it!! I'm staying w/my cousin tonight and today was exhausting and it's not over yet! I need to have her and/or her daughter (who is 11ish) help me w/my homework. Yesterday, I finally went and complained about being in an overly easy class, and got moved this morning into the fastest class (but in the same level. So our books/content are the same but everyone speaks WAY better and faster and understands more. And the teacher also talks faster and so on). The cons: I have lots of extra catching up to do since they're like three units ahead and it's the most abyssmal classroom. NO WINDOWS. Clearly, there used to be windows, but they were covered with concrete. I am assuming b/c of construction? Whatever it is, it's horrible to sit in a tiny room at those tiny chair/desks for four hours and not see sunlight.

I'm so sensitive.

But at least my brain was stimulated today and I wasn't falling asleep out of boredom. Good times. Also, one of my new classmates was on a Fulbright ETA a few years back, so I'm totally going to pick her brain (English Teaching Assistant). After class, my cousin picked me up and then it was children underfoot for a while. I tried to study but it wasn't happening. I went w/my cousin and her kids and niece, and her mom (my aunt) to a FABULOUS Chinese restaurant for dinner. Yuuuuuum. Now I'm taking a break before I get back to work. Oh, wait. The kids are home from Taekwondo so I have to babysit.

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