Friday, July 18, 2008

Maybe July will just continue to be a rough month

Life is eating me alive! I spent Thursday night with Kiwon and an entire herd of Yale musicians, which was scary. It made me really happy to be in Korea and not in the US. I learned again, for the umpteenth time, that I am not cut out for hanging out w/large groups of people, steering people thru Korean bbq, or witnessing loud drinking games. But I did get a really nice shower at a fancy hotel near City Hall. I had to RUN to school the next morning to get there on time and was totally exhausted from lack of sleep, but it made me realize that I can still operate w/o that much brain and body power. Which means that I need to stop freaking out about language study b/c it basically will cause me to fail miserably. It's like flailing around in water and drowning versus laying down and floating.

Ellie's grandmother passed away a day or two ago from a series of heart attacks (I can't tell anymore w/the time difference), and I feel like all I'm hearing about since July 1 is scary and sad news. I'm hoping whatever weird retrograde is going on will pass soon. I'm babysitting again (very badly, since I'm blogging and my nephew is watching TV) and trying not to stress about how little I'm getting done in my life right now. Because it's true, what Ellie says, that it's your heart that matters.


  1. July is TERRIBLE. I'm already too hot as well.

  2. you got it right!

  3. I rather like these prostrated-by-July sculptures, though!


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