Sunday, July 27, 2008

Promises kept

I'm back from Incheon! Apparently, the Pentaport Rock Festival piggybacks on the Fuji Rock Festival in Japan, and is one of the biggest in Korea. I waited for about 20 minutes for my cousin after riding the subway for an hour+ and sleeping most of the time. Hilariously enough, my fear of getting eaten by mosquitoes at the festival was a little off. The only attacks that happened were on the air-conditioned subway en route. I was really angry when I woke up from my dozing to see the mosquito that had just bitten me, so I killed it. I know that this is how wars start, but I figure I wouldn't automatically kill a person w/my bare hands if s/he bit me, so I can differentiate between blood-sucking bugs and blood-sucking people.

This is a window grate at the subway station, right near the major river that runs through Seoul. Of course, the sun came out full force right as we arrived at the site, but since it was late afternoon, it only lasted for an hour or two and then calmed down. We went right to the main stage and set up camp. I had never heard of any of the bands (no surprise) that we saw: Hard-Fi, Delispice, and Kasabian. I spent the sunny part of our stay photographing people and being really thankful for zoom lenses. Once we snagged a spot, I did more people watching and then took out my trusty knitting. I knitted for the entire rest of the time.

My cousin got this for us to eat. The hot dog was super spicy! He told me about the Budweiser buy out and we had a good laugh. I have been on the computer too much today so no more typing; here are the pictures.

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