Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hand cramps

[The student rush that I have to navigate when I get off the second bus that stops near school.] Aaagh. I'm about 40 words away from being caught up w/my vocab. It's making me crazy and I think I'm taking in about one word for every 20 that I write over and over and over. I think I know "smoke" but am not so good on "to be hazy, foggy." Definitely don't know "pattern" but am okay on "gossip."

[This hill looks puny from the picture, but it is no fun climbing it every morning.] We just got assigned our partners and told our topics for next week's oral exam. Already??!?! It's all role play (things like inviting people to a party, introducing friends, and buying things at the market or ordering delivery). I drew one of the best students in the class. I hope she doesn't get annoyed at my almost complete inability to memorize boring dialogue.

[The school facade.] I just got a call from Kiwon and she's just landed today in Korea! So I'll see her tomorrow at the Plaza Hotel. Wohoo. Though I hope we're not out forever. Getting up at 6:30am every morning is really starting to wear on me. I also started to realize yesterday that I think that my eyesight is already starting to get worse from all the studying. Hahahaa. I had a hard time seeing the TV last night while watching some trivia game show. One of the questions was about the title of Michael Moore's last doc, and I loved that one of the choices (it was a multiple choice game) was "Gecko."

[The map for the park near home.] I feel like I'm on this marathon that is kind of neverending, but one where I'm constantly falling behind. So I guess I need to get back to vocab. "Chalkboard," "ceiling," "telepathy," "sweltering night," "addiction," "DWI," and "PSA" are all waiting for me.

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