Monday, July 07, 2008

Endless studying

My cousin mailed eleven very heavy and very old books to me. They arrived on Saturday, and I had to wipe them all down and air them out but they're still super musty. Each book covers a different area of Korea. He apparently was a HUGE fan of these history/picture books and said that if I go thru them, they'll help in my travels. It will take forever just to look at the pictures (I won't even TRY to read them). Just looking at the stack makes me tired.

Yesterday, I ventured out into the incredible stickiness to walk through the ginormous park nearby. There are all these paths that you can walk or bike, and SO much public art - tons of sculptures all over. There's a section where you can walk barefoot, a traditional flower garden, man-made lakes, of my classmates, from the UK, proposed to his Korean fiancee there. It was PACKED. Also, tons of kite flying! That was nice to see.

I'm almost two hours into post-class studying and haven't made a dent, it seems. I think I might just rip out pages from my textbook (b/c it's so heavy) and take the rest home to do there. Today is my day to hit the supermarket in the department store near home to get soy milk and snacks for class (the sweet potato crisps are my favorite so far). So much for getting all my homework done at school!!

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