Saturday, July 05, 2008


I'm using the massive amount of language study I have to do (and a sore throat) as my excuse for not going to church today. I just really need some solo time. I knitted three pieces yesterday and wore out my hands. A demon haunted me last night; one that I thought I had gotten rid of. But apparently they travel with you like bed bugs.

Time to hit the irregular verbs. Thank god for the grammar book that I took from my sister's bookshelf; it's saving my life right now (b/c it has English explanations for pretty crucial things. No amount of waving hands and miming is going to sufficiently explain conjugations, tenses, and particles. This is my major criticism of the program that I am in).

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  1. Hey! It sounds like you are transitioning so well to your new life. I'm glad the melantonin was helpful.

    Can you send me your mailing address? (You can post it on my private blog.)



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