Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Feeling the heat

I forgot to ask earlier: what is it with kids always being sticky, and then always wanting to rub their stickiness onto you? I was sneezing and had a runny nose this a.m. and my aunt thought that I had a cold but I think it's just my body being scared of germy children. Or maybe b/c I slept w/the window open b/c it was so hot. I've been sleeping on the bus to school lately b/c I'm so tired and in our last hour of class today, I had a sudden slump where I was just crazy tired. Luckily, we're learning something really easy (how to speak to people informally, rather than formally), so it didn't affect my performance too much.

{Kelsey is on the left.) I just had a nice long lunch w/Kelsey and we swapped nightmare-ish ancient history stories. Mostly, it was me telling her about mine. We also talked about how vicodin is something I might want to try someday. We have a lot of similarities, and the ways that our brains operate constantly at light speed is one of them. I tried today briefly to just take notes and not re-copy them (I've done this ever since I started undergrad), but it made me feel like a lazy slacker. I think I'll have to hold onto that habit, even if I'm not learning grammar any better that way. I did manage to finish the picture book from my cousin and am almost done w/my extra grammar book. I started doing hardcore vocab drilling, but am not sure how well it's going to work.

Oh! The fun news: I just found out today at lunch that I am NOT the oldest person in my class!!!! There is one person who is older than me by 2 months. I found out that the 19-yo boy is NOT the youngest one, either - there's an 18-yo girl!

Okay. Time to study.

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