Wednesday, January 28, 2015

New exhibit in Oberlin

I'm so glad that this last chunk of wall is hanging for more people to see, after laying on my living room floor for 8 months. Here is the info on the exhibit that is open now, with a reception and artist talk next Friday.
It was really remarkable to go to Kendal yesterday morning, thinking that I would have all this work to do to hang the show, and then see at least five residents on the hanging team taking care of it all! I was obviously working with pros.
All I really needed to do was hang the bricks (and shore it up with a big nail in the middle. I have no idea if it will hold but I'll find out when I go back next week for the talk). By the time I had packed away my packing materials and gotten my coat on to leave, I had not even been there for an hour.
Once I got home, I found out that we had our first sale, and today there were four more. My pricing scheme (bargain basement) is working, but that's only possible because there is zero commission. This is the best way to start out the year, after turbo teaching!


Velma Bolyard said...

five sales! and a lovely rich show.

Anonymous said...

congratulations, it looks wonderful, how I wish I could see it.