Monday, January 19, 2015

So long, paper studio

Friday was our last wet day. Some students really took to suminagashi, which was exactly the kind of activity we needed at the close of two intense papermaking weeks.
They packed the entire paper mill into the gladiator (the van behind them)! I felt scattered all day trying to let them make paper but also cleaning, drying, and removing everything that wasn't being used. Steph drove the van both ways and luckily Mason was still at the Morgan when we arrived, so unloading wasn't as bad as I feared. I loaded the drybox, Steph hung felts and pellons, and I tried to be a mostly normal human being over the weekend (aside from returning to unload the drybox and store dry felts and pellons, while picking up art for my upcoming show).

This month, I've been unable to find tools, which is very unlike me and therefore infuriating and worrisome. But tonight, I found the first of the bunch and the most important—woodblock carving tools—in a random bin at home. I can't wait until I get some real down time next month to organize my life all over again.

Tomorrow we begin to look at and make books!

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  1. so glad the tools appeared. how could you possibly know where everything is after being gone for months?


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