Sunday, January 11, 2015

The slightest pause

Overflow chiri sheets were dried on a table in the sauna (well, it's a shower space but it feels like a sauna with a huge overhead radiator on the ceiling).
Seating is limited so we use this bench for various things: cooking fibers, making cord, and so on. They were all really much better at this than I could have imagined!
Bark lace, always fun. I spent the weekend in Cleveland trying desperately to catch up. I am not close to being caught up, but I did enjoy the time back home, attempting to sort through my booty from Japan and Korea. Two pieces are on the wall and a lot of gifts have gone out. So that's a good sign. I got to see good friends and visit homes that I love and watch a beautiful dog inspect my jiseung pieces. I did very little admin but I took out trash and recycling and did a big purge of clothing for the new year. Tomorrow I get up very early to pick up cotton and abaca and other goodies from the Morgan to transport to Oberlin as we begin western papermaking.

Oh, and Lauren did a nice post about hanji for Paper Connection here!

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