Tuesday, January 13, 2015


They're making too much paper! At least, too much for the poor little dryboxes.
They also very much enjoy pulp painting and are much better than I was when I first began.
This is one of two tall tables (on risers). I am always surprised by how much beginners like white cotton. I kept trying to sell the unbleached abaca and it was slow going but by the end of today, it was all gone (partly because I had pigmented some of it green).
The last bit of milkweed silk paper. This was also a fast sell!
They're getting good at figuring out when to do eastern and when to do western formation.
Today was the last bit of beating on the last bit of kozo. They may very well get through most of the fiber tomorrow, but I asked them to leave a little for the letterpress class when those students come to visit on Thursday. I imagine they will become enamored of marbling and paste papers and decoration, so even if we have very little fiber left on Friday, they'll have plenty to stay occupied.

I was so happy to pick up art supplies right in town at Ginko Gallery & Studio; owner Liz was so warm and talked about how much she loves making Japanese paper (and carries some, from Paper Connection!). I moved again (from one room to another in this house at Oberlin) and dinner is in the oven. I'm short on sleep for two nights in a row and hoping tonight is when I catch up!

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