Saturday, January 03, 2015

Hanging by a tissue

[I had asked my hanji teacher, as well as a few other people who make hanji, about the rippling on my bal, and they all had similar answers: a damp screen hung with just a tug or light weight, left to dry. Repeat as necessary. This is my hanji teacher's setup, with a bottle of water hanging from the bottom clip for a bit of weight.]

I am down again with a cold, hopefully not as bad as the one I had in Korea last month, and disappointed that I am sick right on the heels of the last illness. Very unlike me, though in the grand scheme of things not surprising. I moved a paper mill yesterday from Cleveland to Oberlin and move to Oberlin tomorrow to teach a month-long intensive course, and open a solo exhibit on the heels of that. I keep dreaming of residencies as artwork goes untouched, so I want to share this new one in Nevada: Montello Foundation. My photographer founded it and it has just opened its doors for new residents. Apply by Feb 15!

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