Thursday, January 01, 2015

Aloft for now

LIFE from elizabeth ross

I haven't seen my dear fellow wandering friend and artist Elizabeth for a while, but can sense her through the video she made and shared. When I was little, my dad bought my sister and me a book all about bubbles, with equipment to make our own, and explanations on how they worked. I always loved the idea of making big ones but never made them.

Here are the latest pictures of my new jiseung work (click on the image to forward through the rest, or scroll to the bottom of this page).

I started out the new year with qigong and yoga and breathing and meditation, plus two delicious shared meals with my sweetheart. It's strange to be back and a bit jolting in the sharp cold and bright winter sun, but there's no time to hesitate. This life is indeed brief and wondrous.


Velma Bolyard said...

sigh, pause, enjoy. and make BUBBLES!

Anonymous said...

wishing you a happy, healthy new year with wonderful new adventures. just relax and breath.