Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Funny littles

The needlepoint over my new bed at Oberlin. I still haven't slept there: tonight, I had to rush back to Cleveland to pick up a few last-minute things for class (they used almost every last bit of pulp so here goes plan B!). For three mornings in a row, I've been getting to class an hour early to unload and reload the drybox—more paper made than fits capacity.
The frantic race to the drybox. Meanwhile, here is a link to the blog of a Korean who includes some of my old paper/performance work. If you scroll down, there are stills from the documentary about hanji where I am featured (including shots from the Morgan that I took over a few years). I find it interesting that these people followed me all over Korea and Japan and called me incessantly, but now that the program aired on TV, nary a peep after my request to view it!

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