Monday, January 26, 2015

Last day came too fast

The end came hurtling and I felt guilty as I stopped my students to transport cases downstairs and clean up their stations. They put samples of their lovely and accomplished work on display right as you enter the main library. Here are Jones and Margaret.
 Jana and Shosh
 Sarah Rose's work at forefront, Will's to the left
[by Jana] I was most impressed by the care they put into their thank you cards: I tasked them with homework for the first time, to each make a card for a different department that supported the class (I made one, too, because we had at least nine cards to send). More than half the class made books as cards, with the thank you note spread across pages or tucked away.
[by Shosh] Can you believe the generosity, sharing paper samples and taking the time to cover with boards of pulp-painted handmade paper?
[by Sarah Rose] This one, scented with the lavender blossoms embedded into the fiber.
[by Margaret] Simple and elegant. I talked to a professor in Seoul last fall about the importance of challenging students and seeing how they rise to the challenge. It has been a pleasure to witness that this month. Visit if you can: the show is up until Feb 16 on the main level of Mudd Library. Tomorrow, I install my own show that opens on Feb 6 at Kendal Gallery and delivered the art this afternoon in the middle of a bagpipe performance.

Also, a blog post based on an interview I gave a couple of weekends ago: a glimpse into my home studio!

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