Sunday, February 01, 2015

What's on deck

This was from that one day where I worked all day to make up for the endless days where I wasn't getting my hands onto anything. This made me very happy.
I was struggling with this book for MONTHS. Since before Korea. I carried it all the way from Ohio to NY and back and it was still stuck. Then I realized I had to cut off the entire front cover to get it to work. Amazing how little it took to move it forward and how long it took me to figure out I had to take it apart first (I also tore a book out of an old case and glued it back in a couple days ago; this was a job that waited almost 6 years for me to get to! Now it's off to a one-day show in Chicago).
Inside the cover. The book is so much happier now. It can breathe and talk and is slowly starting to share some words with me.
Meanwhile, the surgically removed piece is hanging out with some paper by Mary Hark. I am excited about so many things now: snow on a day where I can stay home, pizza in the oven, strawberries and carrot cake, and an afternoon to relax!

And I forgot to add: I only just now (almost a year after it was published) found this photo of Marjorie and me at the art museum! I wish I lived near this much bamboo.

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Velma Bolyard said...

can't wait to see how this book works...i think i get it. very nifty. and morojifu always makes me happy.