Monday, February 23, 2015

Exactly how things unfold

I prefer to spend Mondays alone but today was an exception. I had to do a photo shoot with Stefan for one book. I usually never get five slides of one book (or only shoot one piece at a time), but I figured I might as well make it worth our while; it's also a one of a kind. Look at the first five photos here to see today's shoot. I was going to ship this to my dealers, who have already placed three of my books in three excellent collections this year, but realized I should have it on hand when I teach at SAIC in a couple of weeks for my prodigal return to Chicago.
After the shoot, I met Terttu for a nice long afternoon tea and then tacos. I indulged in horchata, the only beverage that I insist on getting if it exists on a menu, and watched this boy insist on stacking all of the table condiments and then crying when his tower was almost immediately dismantled by a concerned adult. Before tea, I got a message from Lisa about meeting while in town, and we managed to make it happen tonight! I was grateful to meet right at the train station, and excited to swap Japan trip stories (we both went in November but missed each other by a day). It reminded me of how much work I still have left to do, but that I could approach it with more joy than dread. After reading a 2002 speech by Michael Dirda about books and reading, I finally began a book I wish I had read years ago: Jonathan Bloom's Paper Before Print. If I can get excited about reading excellent writing again, I can start writing again.

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