Saturday, February 14, 2015

Dust away

I felt like I was driving kids to afterschool activities, but they're just my paper dusters traveling to get trimmed and sanded.
I decided to make a new batch that was all Ohio botanicals, so that the entire thing would be grown and made locally: the kozo stick that acts as a handle, the paper thread that it hangs from, the paper thread waists, and the heads. Milkweed, cattail, hosta, and dogbane were thrown into the mix.
I prefer this miter box saw but mix it up with the powered version for speed.
Though I did lose a few sticks on this one, because they're so light and not straight.
I dropped them off today at Still Point Gallery, and Kate labeled each one so you know what fiber is what. They're on sale in Little Italy, so visit to take a look or contact them if you need to purchase from a distance (I had very harrowing experiences driving through the blizzard, so you don't have to go today—better stay warm and safe at home!).


  1. they remind me of household versions of the corn ladies! so neat, so cool!

  2. Anonymous1:34 PM

    a lovely bouquet of dusters!


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