Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Elephant ears in the Living Machine at Oberlin, which processes the building's wastewater and returns it to the water system. The plants that thrive here are tropical ones, and the ears have done so well that students have to cut it back constantly.
Even though I suspected this would NOT be the best choice for papermaking, I couldn't let an opportunity to go home with plants pass me by, so Sean was kind enough to take the machete to some and send me home with 5.5 kilos (all water weight, of course). I know Gin says there really is no fiber and I believe her, but I'll do what she did, and try it once just to know by the fire of doing.
Mostly, I think I just wanted to hug some plants and be around ones that were way bigger than me, like how being around big mammals is good for humans. I can't resist plant intimacy, especially now that the weather has turned for the worst.
The beater room has all the electric outfitted and Mason put down the first coat of urethane on the floors today! That, mixed with the stink of propane heaters on for the first time this season, made for a noxious night in the studio, but I survived.
I arranged a tour for four of us to visit ICA, where Jamye gave us a wonderful and generous dose of her expertise. It was great to see some pieces that were early in their treatment stages almost completed. They really are magicians over there. We saw Jane and some textile work she was doing, where she has this paper cut hanging over her desk. I'm looking forward to tomorrow, where I have no appointments, instead of the 3 to 4 daily. Teaching prep, travel packing, and getting my head in order because it has fallen to pieces lately.

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Velma Bolyard said...

you and the plants look lovely together! stuart brand says elephants are best--