Wednesday, October 02, 2013

A new wee one

I was completely distracted today after going to bed last night knowing my sister had started labor and probably was going to the hospital while I was sleeping. I had a very productive and lively meeting in the morning and then was anxious for a few more hours in the studio until I got the news that everyone was well and I was long-distance aunt to a perfect new niece. Somehow, I managed to open and de-seed silk from 52 milkweed pods, a gift from the garden of a textile conservator. Tomorrow I search for more, worried that most pods have already begun to burst.


  1. a tale of two labours!

  2. ha, ronnie! congratulations, aunt aimee. look for places that are a little later as far as growth, you'll find immature pods. or you can come to the north country where they're not quite ready...grin...


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