Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Back outside

Another great set of meetings at the Nature Center, which included a nature walk, learning about the deer and worms ruining the spaces, seeing new versions of familiar plants, and amazed by how quickly the landscape has changed with the seasons. This is a new home for invasives on this downed tree. Hard to see, but incredible the way that life is able to root into nearly any and everything.
I learned about how hard it is to distinguish between the yellow and blue irises when the flowers and seeds are gone.
And that the center did an incredible eradication of cattail a few years back! The before/after pictures are amazing.
I finally got around to cooking the milkweed silks that I de-seeded last week. I've been very un-centered lately so it's good to get back to this, even if it's on a small scale.
Dogbane pods, broken open before starting the cook. I counted this time, about 370 pods (which is really nothing, but I was too hot and hungry that day to harvest for long in the field).
Meanwhile, my pot/basket is not getting very far at all, though it's popular as a hair piece. The week is going too quickly, but that's because I feel the urgency of the season change so strongly this time around.

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