Monday, October 07, 2013

Going cross-eyed

All I'd like to do is stare at baby pictures all day and to share them but it's not my baby and also babies should get some time to be newly born and that's all. But she is precious, from the few pictures I do have! Yesterday was a huge mapping of all the parts of two bindings I need to teach, so that someone else can buy and prep the paper. Always a risk, and I really hope the measurements are right (I caught one error right before I sent it away, thank goodness!). Today was the dance of running around to get printouts and copies, find a notary, call the Canada tax agency (nice and polite, very little hold time, absolutely no obnoxious hold music or sounds, wow!), and take two trips to the post office to get paperwork in order for my Toronto workshop/talk. I also have been hemorrhaging much money on lazy eating, so I did a run for honest-to-goodness groceries. Tonight was a big cooking adventure; I am always fascinated by how non-Koreans cook!

Some things to share:

Finally, a book arts class that deals with repetitive stress awareness!

On Friday, one new friend said, "So you do things to figure out what you can do," and suddenly it all made sense to me, what I do with all this paper finagling and spinning and weaving and dyeing and so on. It just is happening on a very long, slow scale, so it feels like nothing to me, but it's just increasing the number of volumes in my library. The library that resides in my fingers and eyes and intuition.

On Friday night, an older friend said, "I know what I know and I know what I don't know." This is great wisdom, and it's not easy to get to that point. But I like it a lot. I think I know what I don't know but I don't yet know what I know.

On Saturday, Chris Ware said that someone else would often use the Noel Coward quote, "Work is more fun than fun."

Time for some work.

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