Tuesday, October 08, 2013

The rabbit hole of yarn

Those are in the wrong order, but it's the announcement for some of the American Museum of Natural History's cultural programming for the coming months. Which means I'll be in NYC for their March 1 celebration of Korean culture! Hooray. I was so upset last night by the pictures of my niece in a hospital hat, cut off, that I decided to hit the yarn store today after coaching and spend entirely too much money to knit her a hat. Of course, it was too big, and I couldn't figure out how to do it right until I had made the too-big one. At least she'll have something as she gets bigger!
I also got the most amazing book-sized charka wheel from Velma. I let Jared piece it together (and then take it apart again) while I wrestled with the hat. HOURS later, I haven't gotten anything to show for myself besides a funky hat. She's already become the cutest excuse for me to avoid my work.
And of course Velma included a beautiful dyed accordion. I am doing a bit better with my home cooking demands, too. Tomorrow: nature walk!

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