Sunday, October 06, 2013

After the party

All of the out-of-town guests have departed, via car and air, and it's now just me catching up on work and Tom doing ALL of the cleanup/custodial work by himself because he doesn't want any staff to have to come in after the big event to work. Though I wish I had the energy to help, I don't. It was balmy, but he managed to wear Julie's beautiful kimono last night for a moment. I was tasked with taking a thousand photos but only managed almost 300, but will have to delete a bunch that are no good. Though I am decent with a camera and Tom is good at hauling and cleaning, I hope in the future that we are able to contribute other talents to greater use.
There was a flood right before the event, which was highly stressful, but Mason and Kevin rigged a wonderful siphon system with the gutter to reroute the flow. It was great to see new and old faces and finally meet some people I've been meaning to connect with for a long time. The other really big treat of the day was seeing Chris Ware speak at the public library downtown (AND to find street parking! Miracles). It's kind of amazing that he was here, disappointing to see that the hall was not packed, and hilarious to hear him swear while seeing school-aged kids with their parents a couple rows in front of me.

The big hope for the next few days is getting back on track with studio work now that the benefit is over, practicing a lifestyle that involves more sleep and home cooking, and constantly harassing my brother-in-law for baby pictures.

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