Friday, October 04, 2013

Straying from targets

The tiniest bit of dogbane, maybe a half sheet from the stalks and god only knows from the seed silks hidden in the skinny pods. I was too hot and hungry to harvest more at the University Farm, which is also having an event tomorrow that I wish I could attend. Yoga was intense, then the farm visit (and a ride on a 4-wheeler!), the Morgan/warehouse to see old/new friends, the burbs to meet new/newer friends, and back to the first group for dinner. Not enough sleep, so I'm feeling strange. I hope it's allergies but fear it might be sickness.
Milkweed seeds! Now they feel like gold. I was alerted to another big patch and may suss it out today before stopping at the Sculpture Center. I heard rumors of a hanji shroud art piece. Sometimes I wonder if I had less interests that I would have more time. I do the plant harvesting and it takes me away from fundraising, which takes me away from teaching, which takes me away from the studio, and it goes in a big old circle. I guess in a way it's better to be so far from the new baby!

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  1. you'll be surprised at how much fiber is in those pods! i love dogbane because it's such a fun plant to play with. love your perfect milkweed circle!


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