Wednesday, October 16, 2013


LOTS to work through. I had this thought the other day that for years and years and years I have avoided certain kinds of making because they come so naturally to me and I fear they are just crutches. But then I pushed a little harder, thinking that maybe if I gave into all of it, all of the things I think are banal and weak and overdone and actually do the work, I could push through to something else entirely. I keep thinking I can get to that point without doing the work, but I just have to dive in.
Too many things to juggle. The cattail sheets came out lovely, though with some issues because I overbeat. On purpose, though it's not my preference in terms of sheet formation. My bleaching experiment failed but next time I'll use real bleach or 35% peroxide, not just whatever I hope might work from the shower stall. Claudio came by to drop off things from a papermaking class and gave me a birthday print and my reading of sorts before we went out for Korean soup (how much I needed THAT!).
I have to figure out a better sample book, which is tricky because it has to be ever expanding. And I'm still itching to harvest, but have to keep my gloves and pruners out of my car so I am not tempted to go into the field when I really should be preparing to teach a book class this weekend. Now, time to pack up and drive to birthday dinner. Though I have to add, for those near Cleveland, I went with a new friend last night to see Mimi's temporary outdoor installation and was floored. GO, for some magic. The nature preserve is open until 11pm, so no excuses to skip it before it comes down Saturday.

p.s. - Chandler has the most perfect post today about October. I am biased, but she is also awesome and so good at getting to the heart of things.


  1. Anonymous8:39 PM

    Aimee, you are an inspiration!


  2. thank you thank you! i am grateful for all the wishes and feel very loved this time of year.

  3. jingle dress. jingle wristlet. oh, chandler--


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