Sunday, September 15, 2013


The new jiseung piece is slowly beginning and I had to rip out four rounds because I am trying hard to shape this piece just so. Which is hard but now all of the old lessons, my teacher's voice, echo over and over and this time I understand better. Everything rose to a fever pitch over the last several days in preparation for last night's garden dedication. Of course, the Morgan looked fantastic for its first donor appreciation event and it gave a nice preview for how well it will clean up (as always) for its Oct 5 Open House. I played a little violin and helped with garden picture displays but teared up as our fearless leader choked up a few times during his speech. We knew it would be an emotional night, dedicating the garden to a dear friend who passed away suddenly less than a year ago. But everyone went home happy, with gifts and full stomachs and some with flowers from the lovely arrangements.

Meanwhile, I have not slept enough in days and have fallen way behind on everything. I spent at least two hours today skinning and de-seeding eight huge pomegranates. Many thanks to Mike for picking them up for me at the market while he and Julie were in town. I hope to reboot, starting tonight with a good night's sleep in a bed on a frame, well off of the floor. Every day and every week brings chances to make changes, to learn the limits of the self, which inform this growing edge.

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  1. oh, aimee, so crazy busy here, too, but you made it through yet again! all is very rich it seems.


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