Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Back to basics

After doing morning admin yesterday, it suddenly passed noon and I felt too cold and isolated to stay home any longer: off to the studio! It was nice to see the familiar Monday faces and then new ones, a couple of my students from a couple of years ago, making paper. I finally decided on one version of my samples, re-wove the bottom left corner b&w one, and made two new kaki ones after spinning some paper that flew over to me from NY. It was much easier to spin the kaki-dyed paper after getting it damp and rolling it on my thigh before going to the bobbin winder.
Then a couple more rounds on this one, though it's slow going and I could see that when I work with tired hands, it really shows. The piles of work are still like boulders but I may still run away from it for new adventures today.

p.s. - Frank is opening his new studios on Friday, Oct 11 (4-8pm) in Dillsboro, NC! The Open House will celebrate the new printing/binding and paper studios of SpeakEasy Press/Frank Brannon. Refreshments, Old Time banjo music, and open shops by all, here.

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