Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Overloaded week

But there is no getting out from under the work unless I DO the work. Lots of late nights in sight! This is part of a frustratingly botched dye job. It was going SO WELL until this point. But I'm washing my hands of it now, onto easier and less stress-filled kaki baths.
The milkweed stems got steamed and stripped and cooked yesterday and today. I finally remembered to save a stalk as a teaching tool and an open pod, but forgot to save a set of seeds/silk.
Those got rinsed and slightly hand beaten today. I had hoped to make paper but I'm wearing bad socks for the job and knew it would spread me too thin. So, tomorrow! Excited to see how it turns out. In the meantime, I hope my horoscope is correct:
For four days twice a year, the East China Sea recedes to create a narrow strip of land between two Korean islands, Jindo and Modo. People celebrate the "Sea-Parting Festival" by strolling back and forth along the temporary path. The phenomenon has been called the "Korean version of Moses' miracle," although it's more reasonably explained by the action of the tides. I foresee some sweet marvel akin to this one occurring in your life very soon, Libra. Be ready to take advantage of a special dispensation. (Rob Brezsny)

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  1. wishing you a sweet marvel, even if it's only milkweed. marvel, indeed!


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