Thursday, September 19, 2013

If only

Got a huge hanji shipment (huge for me, at least) that included these beautiful traditional webal sheets by a very good mill that works only in wintertime and only does super old school paper. The bottom half is coated in soy milk, drying. The peels went into the pot today but then I realized that I won't be able to do any dye baths tomorrow because I'm heading south to attend the opening of a fiber/paper show at the Concourse Gallery in Upper Arlington. And then back up to celebrate the harvest moon festival, which began today in Korea, with Bill and his family and friends. This morning I had my second yoga class in the hood and it was fantastic. If only I could spend yoga days napping and doing radiant human things rather than driving and running errands and feeling behind, I would be very happy on those days.

Maybe a nap now is in order, and then some weaving!

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  1. oooo I wish I could reach out and touch that sheet....


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