Thursday, September 12, 2013

One right start

The giving tree and the givers printed on each leaf! I took my first yoga this morning since arriving, and my first since probably my March trip to Portland, OR, so I was sorely in need and grateful for the good decision making. But then my morning appointment cancelled on me five minutes after we were supposed to meet. I have gotten through as much as I can manage at the studio in terms of work, and got to see Pam for a moment, but really need a nap. I stayed up very late making a spreadsheet of all the people I have met and have been told to meet here.
Yet there is still SO much work left to do. I was thinking last night after an overall good day (fruitful meetings and errands, but too much driving) that I keep thinking that there will be a moment where I'm caught up and THEN I can do my work. But that is pure fantasy and really I have to understand that I will always be working and always be behind. What's real? Bill is playing with paper and pumpkins. A wonderful new book review came out in the Textile Society of America Newsletter. And Vamp & Tramp has my books online, both regular and miniature.


  1. Therese7:01 PM

    whoa ~ look at those baskets !
    OMG....or is that a REALLY BIG dime ?
    (sorry...couldn't resist)
    what's "real" is ALL that you have already accomplished, created and shared in your life so far.... w/lots more to come.

    1. you are such a treasure! thanks for the humor and perspective.

  2. Good for you for yoga - and the screen looks great.

    1. i followed your lead and used my yoga mat on the 2nd floor this morning!^^


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