Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Grand slam

I checked on the pomegranate rinds and worried if I would have enough, even after skinning eight huge fruit, to dye ten large beautiful sheets of hanji. I'll find out in the coming days.
Today was another up-to-the-eyeballs day of meetings, though all four were great. The morning took me to Waterloo again and the massive construction happening in front of Barry's amazing printshop that is not in use right now.
This is the least impressive image from the whole shop. Two large spaces, the interiors in beautiful shape, tons of presses (litho, letterpress, etching, linotype), lots of type that includes Hebrew wood type and Chinese type, gorgeous furniture including an old wooden high chair, street level, tons of natural light. Completely not being used. Too many spaces like this in this town! Not enough people to turn this gold into gold.
Then I had a lovely meeting at CIA with Lisa, who was full of excitement and praise about my work. That kind of feedback is such a treat, even though now my load of paperwork has increased exponentially. Oh, the fall with its deadlines and snapping back into the reality of the hustle! I was happy, though, because I was able to navigate on my own without getting turned around AND found a good parking spot. Afterwards, I headed further west to meet Mimi and tour the Transformer Station as well as give each other support as artists here and now. I brought her back to the Morgan for a tour and mosquito bites (I hope she still comes back!) before touring the Rainey Institute and hanging with kids. That is an amazing space with remarkable programming: homework activities, snacks from the food bank, art, dance, drama, music, and daily after-school support. About a five minute walk from the studio!

Now that this larger loose shifu piece is done, I have no excuses for avoiding my homework: more apps than I can count, and two articles to write. And a full moon looming.

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  1. WOW. and the moon, so beautiful, glowing over both of us.


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