Saturday, September 07, 2013

Real pacing in an ideal world

This is an early exercise for my coaching homework, exploring real and ideal. It is mostly layers of weird cooked and dried kozo that comes in a papermaking kit, laminated into a thick sheet. I beat a bit by hand and then threw it all into a wonky beater and pulled sheets on a western mould and deckle. The first sheet had a nasty air bubble that I tried to mask with colored cotton pulp before I couched more kozo sheets over it. The orange colored pencil highlights all of the cotton splashes, and I cut away the top layers of kozo to reveal the biggest one. This weekend I don't get to do this kind of quiet work where the scale fits my hands while listening to Terry Gross interview John Zorn, who says he is just as sensitive as he needs to be, to be himself. This weekend I should be taking a large butcher knife and sawing through 4 x 8-feet pieces of styrofoam. This weekend I should be writing outlines and abstracts for papers.

Who knows what the future holds this weekend, but a few months ago I did an interview for this article. Thanks to Melissa for noticing it before I did! The graduate alma mater has been slow in recognizing my work in the field, but I suppose everyone has their own pace. I'm learning my own here, especially now with seasonal allergies coming into the mix.

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  1. mapping you present and future, with grounding from the past. at least, that's what i'm reading here. and a good article, overdue, but good. funny about sensitivity.....


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