Thursday, September 05, 2013

All green, all day

I am really bad at landscapes so I didn't even try to capture the amazing vista where this sign is on the Hiram trails that are part of the Center for the Study of Nature and Society. What a wonderful treat, to drive out in the morning and meet Matt, its director, and get a generous chunk of his time.
Aside from seeing all the outdoor and green spaces (more cattail, some inspection of burrs on plants with a hand lens, scoping out prairies and meadows for potential milkweed cultivation: they LIKE milkweed there), he also showed me the barn used a lot for ceramic work.
So many barns with amazing potential in their upper decks! And a silo outside, too, but more of an echo chamber to grow moss (unintentionally) below).
Next to the silo, some faces that were embedded when this tree was still alive and was able to take over the masks. We visited the art department, too, and met three faculty. Then I was treated to lunch in the dining hall! I had forgotten how MUCH food is available to students, and was amazed at how fancy it was. Clean, well-lit, great views.
I was a zombie by the time I returned to the Morgan, so it took a while to snap out of my driving stupor (unfortunately, highway and distance driving makes me very sleepy). A few days ago, one of the interns transformed the outside bathtub to a true Morgan tub: green! And then I went to visit SPACES for the very first time for the most apt close to the day, a talk by the Metroparks Invasive Plant Coordinator Jennifer Hillmer and Mimi Kato, an artist who worked with them on making art through buckthorn removal. We were all terribly excited to meet each other.

Yesterday, I walked a couple miles to mail something. I think it was the first real walk I had since arriving here (oh, the perils of car culture). But today was my first real walk on earth here. I will sleep well tonight!

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  1. aimee you are moving into some very interesting spaces! so glad your feet got to be ON the earth.


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