Monday, September 09, 2013

Gratitude for quietish Mondays

Can you find the flower and the ear? I took a lot of days away from the studio last week to attempt acting like a normal person, a weekend full of driving and errands and catching up on the phone with friends and family. Now, back to the weekly work, which I always find exciting on Monday. The studio is quiet (aside from all the banging in the beater room as Mason does construction) and I am excited to be allowed to work all day, rather than working at relaxing on weekends. Relaxing, what?
The flat file drawer is a mess of half-finished things and new and old scraps. I learned that Bill grows indigo locally! Plus he does fantastic joomchi. The paper/fiber show where I have two pieces down near Columbus has already opened, and they got a nice write-up in the Columbus Dispatch's Sunday edition yesterday. It made my afternoon!


  1. lovely write up! (oooo and its spring over here in oz... and I've got a packet of indigo seeds.... guess what my spring planting is going to include this year....)

  2. hey, glad something is going right!


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