Monday, July 08, 2013

Time space travel

This was from Oregon but that's how long it takes for me to process. And it's not tumbleweed but it's how I feel, dropped somewhere different from where it started. I had the most delightful visit to the paper collection of Sid Berger and Michele Cloonan yesterday after driving up to the Boston area. It was wondrous, all the paper in between meeting and dinner and dessert and tea. I can't even begin to summarize it because my brain exploded while poring over such an incredible array of treasures.

Today I was in sauna-land as I prepped for my papermaking class this week. The rest of the day was more errands and logistics and not allowing myself to relax when it would have been fine to do so. I did let myself get groceries and make a salad of apples, figs, blueberries, lemon, and ginger. Thanks to Terttu for the recipe (though I deleted the almonds).


Velma Bolyard said...

is that usnia?
and i want terttu's recipe!

Anonymous said...

looks like it, are you going to dye with it? I want the recipe, too. Don't you like almonds?

aimee said...

my reply to velma disappeared! here it is again:

cut up the apples and figs, grate the ginger, a whole lemon squeezed into the mix with almonds. i have no quantities other than the whole lemon (just like i cook kozo with varying amounts of soda ash! haha). prepare the day before so the almonds get nice and soaked in the juices. then enjoy! she carried it in a glass jar and had a spoon and we ate it on a bench on the street.

jean: i didn't take the lichen home! and i liked almonds a lot but sometimes they trigger terrible stomachaches so i mostly steer clear just in case (like i now have to do with cherries. i suspect it's pesticides more than the fruit itself).

Anonymous said...

thanks Aimee- I can't wait 'till my figs are ripe, sounds yummy.