Monday, July 15, 2013


I went onto the cooler (temperature-wise) catwalk to shoot our insanely hot and humid classroom. We have probably about ten fans in there, but it doesn't make much of a dent. The high ceilings, windows to the ceiling on two sides, and abundant skylights mean that we're basically a solar oven. My students have been very good about it, plowing through, and paying attention through demos where I feel like even my fingers are sweating. The class is full at twelve and they made a great batch of books last night. Let's hope we survive this week's heatwave without A/C (the building doesn't have it, only in select rooms, where we are not)!


  1. Anonymous12:26 AM

    ooh, it's hard to think when your brain is sweating. hope you can sleep at night.

  2. what a great photo! i remember being jealous of ian when he went there because of the marvelous studio space. but, oh, so hot! hope you can think today.


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