Monday, July 15, 2013


I went onto the cooler (temperature-wise) catwalk to shoot our insanely hot and humid classroom. We have probably about ten fans in there, but it doesn't make much of a dent. The high ceilings, windows to the ceiling on two sides, and abundant skylights mean that we're basically a solar oven. My students have been very good about it, plowing through, and paying attention through demos where I feel like even my fingers are sweating. The class is full at twelve and they made a great batch of books last night. Let's hope we survive this week's heatwave without A/C (the building doesn't have it, only in select rooms, where we are not)!


Anonymous said...

ooh, it's hard to think when your brain is sweating. hope you can sleep at night.

Velma Bolyard said...

what a great photo! i remember being jealous of ian when he went there because of the marvelous studio space. but, oh, so hot! hope you can think today.