Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hump day

I love this new lime bath trick after the soda ash cook (combat sodium with calcium or something like that). All that slipperiness, gone!
Linda cleans up her pellon. I caved and pigmented two vats because people always like colors. It was like an immediate flocking to those vats when I first unveiled them.
The best is when your students learn enough, quickly, to teach your other students. Heather is helping Ellen with the whole concept behind the bobbin winder and making paper yarn/thread.
Susan combined her paper with the big hanji. It lit up the window and made me think about how handy deep windowsills are.
If we harvest in the next two days, pruning shears.
Ellen's bark lace bits, and the house across the way under renovation, which will eventually become an expansion here at WSW.
These were here even before I arrived. Paper cups, for real!
And always, what keeps us alive. The magic green stuff. Class is going well, lots of new ideas and techniques and hum of work. If only my body let me sleep in longer and erased my nightmares, which are just stress dreams. Otherwise, no complaints, and a pleasure to teach this group.

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  1. hump indeed. this class looks great. i love how ideas are purring.


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