Thursday, July 25, 2013

Nearing the end, suddenly

I met this wee one (tiny, tiny!) one of my first nights here. I nearly squashed it with a sugeta accidentally but thank goodness I didn't.
Caroline, our fabulous intern, scrubs pellons. Something I need to get my students to do more of themselves.

Beating more fiber, at the tall people's table. I have three tall students and it surprised me. I don't know why.
We did a mini milkweed harvest. If I had more time and energy, I would have done a much bigger harvest because they were BIG plants.
The cook smelled a bit latex-y because we didn't have time to drain the milky sap.
Just enough for a handful to beat in two shifts, super green.
Chris explains some of the features and future of the art farm, where they grow plants for paper, dye, and food.
Marigolds, dyeing.
Happy indigo, dyeing.
Chris' chickens!
Heather's work, admiring her kakishibu-coated paper with the shiny side that had stuck to the drying surface. We only have a bit of papermaking left to do in the morning, then a big clean, and drive home. It has been so lovely to be away from most work, my phone off (no service here), living on top of the studio, and not hearing the drone of the city or a/c at all times. The pace will shift dramatically in just 24 hours, so I'm enjoying what I can now.

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