Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Breezy outside, but inside...

It's much easier laying paper on the floor than rigging clotheslines and pins. SO GLAD I didn't have to climb on furniture and find stable pipes to tie lines like last week. Many of my students are skilled in paste papers so they made some stunning pieces yesterday.
Architecture models everywhere up high if you look, because we're in the architecture studio.
That big orange fan was specially delivered today, though yesterday was the bad heat day. Today's weather shifted: still plenty sunny and hot, but a nice breeze plus less humidity. So we managed without turning on this behemoth. It's bad enough how much noise we have going with a zillion fans.
I'm always amazed at how adults are just as messy as kids when given the opportunity.
After a near mutiny in the afternoon, I had to take time to collect myself (students are inevitably upset and overwhelmed by how much I pack into the schedule). This landscape painter reminded me of what I love about this place in the summer. Someday, hopefully very soon, I will learn to do more with less.

My publisher just redid the website, so the new url for Hanji Unfurled has changed. Enjoy!

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  1. it will be so much better when the temperature goes down. the fan is unbelievable!


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