Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Beyond belief

These have been very challenging days, everything coming to a head last night and this morning. I am using the most restraint possible by simply saying that it falls into the Everyone Knows Better Than Teacher How Teacher Should Do Her Job category of unpleasant experiences. Certainly, I am learning an enormous amount from the adversity, but am losing an alarming number of sleep hours and a great deal of peace. I did learn tonight that we are on haunted land, so I'm sure that doesn't help. What it does make feel is how I miss teaching paper stuff (already, last week's class feels a million years in the past), and how deeply connected I am to the hanji teaching I have been committed to for the past several years.

Lots to think about, if we could think in this dreadful heatwave. On a brighter note, a repeat of what Velma mentioned, which made my heart soar: my publisher has made public the announcement for a book that we are all impatiently waiting for, to arrive this fall, by Susan Byrd, about shifu! Contact The Legacy Press if you want to be placed on an email list so you can be notified when it's published.


  1. ahhh I'm just reading through a few catch-up posts.... so I hope you survive the heatwave (from the weather and from classroom storms) .... hang in there!

  2. Anonymous10:33 PM

    HUGS and cool thoughts - just get through it and put it behind you. We know you are great at what you teach - and you know it, too. Remember that. more hugs :)

  3. paper fiber shifu hanji book and velma HUGS

  4. Hang in there, Aimee! This too shall pass. xx

  5. Anonymous10:47 PM

    I am taking Amiee's class right now and it is wonderful.


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