Friday, July 26, 2013

The end, almost

We did what you can only do in a well-equipped paper studio: emptied vats into a big deckle box. So much more fun and satisfying than draining vats and ending up w/a tiny bit of pulp to throw in the fridge or freezer only to stay there forever and get stinky. Grateful for strong sun that dried our papers before the end of the day.
Susan really wanted to do another batch of milkweed, so we harvested again and this time steamed before stripping to make life easier. She and Penny did two big deckle box sheets, all that they would really yield, and they were pretty pretty. Lots of packing to do but I think everyone was satisfied. I had a wonderful dinner at Ann and Tana's with Chris and Ellen last night, delicious food and lively company. I drove Heather to a train station near home so the ride home was also nice. I wish I could be home forever but in just a few days, I'm off to Cleveland. I hope I have it in me to teach one more big class. The trick about a lime water soak after cooking in soda ash will make prep SO much easier.

Also, Susan from my Oregon class last month did a great write-up of it; enjoy!


  1. i wish canton was on your way west...

  2. hi Aimee,
    How can we access Susan's article? thanks, Donna

    1. hover over the bit of that sentence about Susan's blog post; it should be a different color than regular text, and then light up in yet another when the mouse goes over it. the url is


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