Friday, July 12, 2013

Hello, Friday

The students filed out in a slow stream, beating weekend traffic, catching trains, and so on, but there were some FABULOUS baskets made. Of course, I was so obsessed with cleaning the studio that I didn't get the chance to photograph them, but they are the biggest baskets anyone has pulled off in my jiseung sessions yet. I hated the feeling after the last student left, that bereft feeling of being the last one in the room, but it took a while to pack, envision which materials I needed for what future class, and then carry everything back to the car/apt in two trips. It all left me so weak that I could barely lift six plates to the cabinet back in the apt after running the dishwasher. I haven't exercised in weeks and weeks! But I made it to Cobi's solo show right before it closes tomorrow, and here are some snaps, from last night to my tired foot.

Tomorrow: Bennington, Vermont.


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